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Elzar Shariah Solutions & Advisory

Elzar Shariah Solutions achieved remarkable recognition in Islamic finance, winning the title of Best Shariah Advisory Firm 2022 at the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Award organized by Cambridge IFA. Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman, the CEO of company, was honored as Upcoming Global Shariah Scholar. These awards, presented by the President of Djibouti, validate their exceptional expertise and contributions to Islamic finance, cementing their position as a leading player in the industry.


Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

B.A (Hons) University Malaya, Malaysia

M.A in Islamic Law (Hons), Univ. Al-Yarmouk, Jordan

PhD in Shariah & Islamic Finance, Univ of Wales, United Kingdom

In the revered sphere of Shariah acquiescence and halal observation, Adjunct Professor Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman is a renowned visage exuding tremendous feats of achievement worthy of emulation and praise.
His far-reaching contribution to the world of Shariah-compliance and halal-related industries spanning over 22 years encompasses unswerving contribution in multiple domains in the local arena – counting banking and Takaful institutions, corporate companies, higher education (universities & colleges), the F&B segment, the cosmetics industry, educational technologies, telcos, the Malaysian Government & GLCs plus Malaysian regulators (BNM & the Securities Commission of Malaysia).
His fame in Shariah conformity and halal-centric proficiency has enabled him to actively impart his quintessential know-how upon the International stage, touching nations like Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Trinidad Tobago, United Kingdom and the USA.


Awards & Achievements

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Malaysia Takaful Association (MTA)
Tokoh Kembara Takaful 2022

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Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA)
Upcoming Shariah Scholar 2022

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The Brandlaureate World Halal
World Halal Brandleadership